“Il Centro” shopping mall
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“Il Centro” shopping mall

acting as a City

Michele De Lucchi | Arnaldo Zappa | Davide Padoa

“Il Centro” shopping mall
By Redazione The Plan -

The largest shopping mall in Italy, this complex was born of the creativity and professionalism of Arnaldo Zappa, Michele De Lucchi and Davide Padoa. Located near Milan on the site of an old Alfa Romeo factory, the unifying concept is of a city, complete with streets, pathways, squares, and buildings that extend internally and externally, forging numerous places to meet and rest. Strict energy-saving and bio-sustainability criteria were adopted, partly to achieve LEED certification. The key materials are wood - defining the building façades and roof - and porcelain stoneware, for the flooring. The floor tiles came from one of five Mirage porcelain stoneware collections, selected in accordance with the intended use and consequent demands. For the Fashion and Food Courts, Norr and Signature were chosen to create a solid stone and wood effect, while in the restrooms and other common areas, Tribeca, Na.me, Jewels and Stones 2.0 were used. The choice of 2 cm thick tiles had the added advantage of not requiring extra covering for the floor during the building stage, producing measurable financial benefits. This durability will also have benefits once the mall is fully open as it can resist the loads placed on the floor by the maintenance machinery for the ceilings and other structures. Mirage supplied 60,000 sq.m. of product, guaranteeing quality, resistance and an overall formal uniformity for all the tiled surfaces.

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