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Riverside Museum
By Redazione The Plan -
Glasgow’s newly inaugurated Riverside Transport Museum winds in a conspicuous double curve along the city’s riverport, an important British exchange and communications hub. The new building designed by Zaha Hadid was conceived as a winding tunnel wrapped throughout in Rheinzink titanium zinc rising from the outer walls to the irregular z-shaped roof. The two end façades are fully glazed, one facing the city, the other the port area. Inside, the various display areas merge into one another under a self-supporting steel structure that has no inner columns at all. From inside one is struck by the spectacle of a roof that swoops up and down by as much as 10 m. On the outside the museum is lined in 8 mm thick Rheinzink titanium zinc panels, mounted with Angled Standing Seam system on the façades and Double Standing Seam on the roof. Continuity from façade to roof was achieved by adapting each single panel to the various curves. Thus, on the roof the curvature, pitch and width vary each time, so that every single panel had to be cut and bent on site. Rainwater drains off down internal guttering fitted where façade meets roof and hence invisible from ground level. Rheinzink guarantee exceptional product durability and there is no maintenance since the protective patina of zinc carbonate forms naturally in time, the speed depending on how much it rains and the surface inclination. In order to get a uniform weathered look from the outset, Rheinzink have patented an exclusive pickling system which offers two pre-weathered versions. By this Rheinzink pickling system the natural and untreated surface keeps its original metal properties unchanged; the protective patina forms naturally and in time takes on the typical weathered zinc look. For this specific project is been used the Rheinzink-”preweathered pro blue-gray” finish.

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