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Regional Hospital
By Redazione The Plan -
The new regional hospital of Klagenfurt stands amid recently planted greenery overlooking the river Glan. One main roadway forms the backbone of the whole complex and divides the principal building containing the emergency and surgical departments, outpatient surgeries and wards, from a number of in-patient pavilions in parallel designed three-storey buildings connected at each floor by a raised pedestrian walkway. This sequence of in-patient buildings and a great flat roof jutting over the main entrance are the salient features of a complex that prioritises the comfort of patients, visitors and the large number of hospital staff. The lighting studies have concentrated on the use of natural light. Ward buildings are aligned north-south so that the rooms off them are flooded with morning or afternoon light. Broad picture windows afford a view out over the gardens and riverbanks. The artificial lighting project blends efficiency and design, ingeniously adapting an aesthetically similar range of luminaires to the requirements of the different rooms. Long, thin BEGA luminaire-posts line the hospital access driveway, lighting up the perimeter of the complex. The Interiors are picked up by the design of the luminaires installed in the large staff dining-room, a fully-glazed space rising two storeys high. The lights are discreetly interspersed among the line of tall exposed-concrete pillars. The outdoor pedestrian routes connecting in-patient buildings have lighting that matches the horizontal lines of the pavilions: long thin luminaires installed on the wall at staircase points, while recessed luminaires are to be mounted at ground level on the access ramp to the garage basement, and in the ceiling of the bicycle parking lot - this being a favourite mode of transport among hospital staff. The main foyer, lit by daylight through the east façade with its double-height windows, is served by many BEGA spotlights merging into the white walls. As dusk falls, these send a shaft of light onto the ceiling high above. The new Klagenfurt hospital is a clear case of where carefully integrated lighting actively conduces to indoor comfort. The beneficial effect on people is especially appreciated in a hospital context, diminishing the stress of those who work there day and night or have to be present in harrowing circumstances.

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