Milano Design Factory. Fantoni. Studio Ragni
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Milano Design Factory

Studio Ragni

Milano Design Factory. Fantoni. Studio Ragni
By Redazione The Plan -

Milano Design Factory was inaugurated by Fantoni, in collaboration with Studio Ragni, as part of Milan Design Week. The famous Milanese showroom is now also the design and consulting company’s headquarters, providing a manifest statement of the firm’s innovative approach. The design grew from the seeds of seeking a place for research, working together and sharing expertise, a base where it was possible to try out new ways of working and interacting. 

The transparency of Milano Design Factory draws the city and its inhabitants in, creating an incubator for lively, dynamic ideas where professionals, entrepreneurs and journalists are welcome. The Hub concept was seen as a perfect fit, creating a “box without walls” that lends itself to working and interaction methods freed of physical limitations and standardised roles. Designed by Matteo Ragni, the project combines materials and a contemporary approach to leave great freedom for workers to customise their workstations and the layout based on personal tastes, working methods and frequency of use. Hub is an infinitely replicable model with an overhead covered in sound absorbing material that not only has integrated dimmable LED lighting but also provides space for placing personal items. The colour palette combines the natural finish of the work surface with the deep colours (blue, yellow, orange) of the fabric sections. 

Blue Design Factory is obviously a physical space where one can work alone or in a group, but it is also an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of sharing ideas, speaking and discussing matters. 


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