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Jacob Benbunan

By Redazione The Plan -

Juan Luis Arsuaga refers to “limiting factors" as those elements or conditions without which a human life couldn't survive. Therefore, developing from this concept, his dream was to have a portable wooden cabin that covers all the limiting factors, or in other words, all the basic requirements, so that a person could spend a few days living in the mountains, enjoying nature.

Jacob Benbunan and his team at Saffron sought to go back to basics when realising the paleoanthropologist’s dream. With their interpretation of Arsuaga’s desire, they intended to create a refuge capable of being taken into and indeed left in the mountains, blending into its natural surroundings.  As Jacob explained, "this way, architecture gives way to the person and to nature.”
Félix Larragueta, director at La Navarra, describes the resulting object as “quite a special piece made of a series of fans which unfold to create a cover.” It was manufactured using a single American hardwood; tulipwood. And he adds about this timber: “Tulipwood is pleasant to work with, it doesn’t twist and it doesn’t warp. Moreover, tulipwood is light, meaning that Limiting factor weighs relatively little for its volume.”


Juan Luis Arsuaga
Juan Luis Arsuaga is a professor in Paleontology and Anthropology and one of Spain’s most acclaimed scientists. He is the Director of the Museum of the Human Evolution (Burgos, Spain) and co-director of the awarded “Atapuerca Team”. His findings have shed new light on the first humans in Europe.

Jacob Benbunan
Jacob Benbunan is the co-founder and CEO of the international branding company Saffron. For over twenty years he has led branding programmes across the globe, for business leaders such as A1 Telekom Austria, Vueling, Bankinter, Swiss Re, Raiffeisen, Turkcell, El Banco Deuno or Litro. Clients appreciate his relentlessly focused driven and passionate nature.


Commissioned by: Juan Luis Arsuaga
Designed by: Jacob Benbunan (Saffron)
Made from American tulipwood



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