Gattarella Resort: discovering a land of sun and sea winds
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Gattarella Resort: discovering a land of sun and sea winds

KE shade sails used to merge a restaurant’s interior and outdoor terrace

Gattarella Resort: discovering a land of sun and sea winds
By Redazione The Plan -

Set between the blue of the sea and the green of the Apulian countryside, Gattarella Resort invites guests to abandon themselves to local traditions, beaches, inlets, perfumes, food, and wine. Hospitality and a warm welcome are key parts of any hotel stay. And the same can be said of architecture, which can provide an experience for all the senses. Set in a panoramic location overlooking the sea off Vieste, this family hotel has a private beach, elegant rooms, and large apartments. It’s cooled by sea breezes and almost hidden from view amid Mediterranean flora.

Most of the rooms overlook the blue of the Mediterranean, as do many of the private pools in the suites, all of which have furnishings in soft, relaxing tones. The large panoramic terrace of the Belvedere restaurant – one of the many bars, trattorias, and pizzerias in the complex – is given pride of place as a temple to the culinary art. It’s a place where you learn about the local area through the flavors of its food.

Gattarella Resort, Vieste Courtesy of KE

The restaurant’s terrace dining area was recently revamped to enhance the food and wine experience, and further extend the views of nature. Architetti Associati Mancini & Valenza worked on the project, with KE Store Nuovamente Fly providing technical consultancy at every stage. The semicircular terrace is physically and visually connected to the interior. To create the sensation of a gradual passage between the two, four KE Kheope shade sails were used, arranged to reflect the semicircular shape of the terrace. Additional custom-made sails were then added between them.

The effect is that the sails are both present and absent: while providing protection from the sun, they don’t obstruct the views because of their light design and simple lines. They’re also extremely hard wearing, made of stainless steel and Dacron, a material originally used as sailcloth that’s ideal for seaside locations with high humidity and salt air. On the one hand, Dacron is an excellent filter of UV rays, while, on the other, it allows air to circulate to provide both outstanding shading and ventilation.

Last, but not least, the choice of white is in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

With its mountain backdrop and water frontage, Gattarella Resort is an ideal place to discover the simplicity of Puglia, with its authentic flavors, the skills of its artisans, and the richness of a land of sun and sea winds.


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Location: Lama le Canne, Vieste, Puglia, Italy
Project: KE store Nuovamente Fly in collaboration with Studio Architetti Associati Mancini & Valenza
Client: Gattarella SpA
Suppliers: KE (vele Kheope)

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