Foyer, teatro del gusto
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Foyer, teatro del gusto

revisiting the past THROUGH MATERIALITY

Foyer, teatro del gusto
By Redazione The Plan -

The digital world has changed how we use traditional spaces like coffee houses, lounge bars and pubs. Such places are no longer mere settings for relaxation and entertainment as they are often used for co-working, venues where people need Wi-Fi to access the cloud or use skype, and where informal, drawn out business meetings take place. People seek multi-dimensional venues that merge function and comfort, helping to stimulate creativity. Foyer, teatro del gusto is a pub and European coffee house in the heart of Rimini, only a stone’s throw from the famed neoclassical 19th-century opera house that was nearly completely destroyed during World War Two, but is being restored. Only the foyer of the latter building remained unscathed. Foyer, teatro del gusto - literally, the theater of taste - is a synonym of rebirth. Located in the midst of majestic remnants from imperial Rome and the Malatesta reign, the coffee house is a fusion of the past and the digital era in which the marks and scratches of times are an intentional part of the design. For this project Metropolis, Ivas’s international decorative division, drew inspiration from modern urban melting pots to forge spaces characterized by material uniformity to mirror the strength of new generations while simultaneously underscoring local historical and cultural roots. Stucco and plaster work, coatings and lime-based finishings are interwoven to create new, personal decorative ideas. Metallic effects with a rusty tinge allude to the memory of place, connecting the walls and ceiling in a continuation of the sheen of time. This is a common thread across the entire design, repeated in various environments that draw inspiration from different sources. The lounge area is tied to the local opera tradition, with a thick Metropolis Factor coating in a chipped Bronx effect and washed cement finish creating the backdrop for posters and other operatic images. The VIP room is pervaded by an old style feel. The vintage furnishings blend with the iridescent, multi-colored Lady Vì finishings with a velvet look created using the Madame technique, and lacework was imprinted into the surface while still fresh to add a Victorian touch. The entire floor was coated with a Metrostone water-based cement resin, with a brushed concrete effect and ceramic tiles used to outline walkways.p> 


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