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The coffee break and lunch are key moments in a working day, a chance to relax, revitalize and socialize, informally exchanging ideas. Smart working theories are built around the concept of creating comfortable, optimal conditions for employees, often including pleasant, welcoming spaces with a “sense of home”. Activity-based working principles set out the need for specific spaces and equipment to match the intended activities, allocating environments to specific functions. The opportunity to calmly enjoy a healthy meal during the working day is essential, providing an opportunity to relax, to eat properly and to recharge for the next working session of the day. In this paradigm, Estel will use Milan Design Week 2018 to present the new Coffice collection, the furnishing line focusing on coffee breaks and lunch time for smart working environments. Designed to put employees at easy in the office, Coffice has a range of solutions to meet differing needs, including compact workstations - mostly island solutions - in differing sizes with various functions. Isola Break has been intentionally designed to encourage people to talk during a coffee break. Built around a column that can be equipped with shelves or drawers, it has spaces for a coffee machine, water dispenser or other small household appliances. Isola Snack is a hybrid solution that is ideal for informal meetings during lunch. Isola Video has a screen, so it can even be used for meetings via video link or with presentations. Isola Shop caters for a series of activities, with a meeting zone, common area or breakout space for a snack and some coffee. It also has display cases for company products or samples. Isola Compact is a more compact, single-piece solution with an indoor and outdoor version that has a proper kitchen in nearly no space at all. Isola Party includes the bestselling More table that can be equipped on both sides and includes wiring for household appliances. Finally, Coffice Buffet has a counter, shelves, columns cupboards and other practical containers making it ideal for bars, cafés, self-service canteens or restaurants. The Coffice collection meets every need and can fit any space, improving the quality of any work environment and encouraging office policies that reward increased productivity and efficiency by creating tranquil, enjoyable spaces for employees.


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