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Chalet Simonazzi

noa* network of architecture

Chalet Simonazzi
By NOA - Network of Architecture -

As a result of a series of different constructions, the existing Chalet Simonazzi consisted as a conglomerate of different volumes. noa* (network of architecture) has added another story to the building and unified the different parts amongst a new facade.
The Chalet Simonazzi is located in Fiè (Italy) facing the outstanding scenery of the Schlern mountain: the landscape is shaped among grassland and hayfields, the architecture is rural and alpine, houses lean against a rather traditional building style with pitched roofs.
The site of the residence is densely built, therefore lacking of enough space – indoor and outdoor. The mission was the extension of the residence on one hand and the renovation of the existing apartments on the other hand. A variety of different constructions over the past years resulted in an only partially coherent overall picture. The goal was to create a homogeneous façade design, which evolves like a second skin above the existing and gives the building a new exterior.
The existing volume has been amplified with another story in which five new apartments were located. In general the green space of all the apartments have been upgraded, the balconies have been transformed into generous terraces with a panorama view. The whole building have been supplied with a flat roof, which gives the terrace an attractive roof terrace – multiple shed roofs in the local style form the south façade; the building is integrated within the village.
«...The goal was to reduce the chaos of materials used in the existing building and to reduce it to an essential minimum: reclaimed timber. The new skin covers all horizontal and vertical surfaces, bottom view and balcony, inside and out, everywhere...», said Andreas Profanter.
The facade of the whole residence has been renewed: walls, ceilings, balconies and bottom views are cladded with retro timber and give the building a unique nature. Because of the extended balconies and the roof terrace, guests have more spaces to relax and enjoy outdoor life within the site.

Location: Fiè allo Sciliar, Bozen 
Completion: 2015
Gross Floor Area: 1,200 m2 
Architects: noa* (network of architecture)
Contractor: Mahlknecht Bau

Technical Systems: 
Elektro Service
Statics: Michael Silgoner
Thomas Moser, Maler Seebacher

Windows: Südtirol Fenster
Tiles: Hofer Böden
Bathroom fixtures: Termoteam

Photography: © Alex Filz

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