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Stock Exchange Tel Aviv, Israel

Eri Goshen

Stock Exchange Tel Aviv, Israel
By Redazione The Plan -

The new building for the stock exchange in Tel Aviv was designed, liked the old one, by Eri Goshen, but has its origins in the complete computerisation of stock-exchange transactions in 1999. The traditional image of the trading floor as a noisy, crowded place needed to be replaced by a new concept where the entire business is virtual. The complex is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the same block as the Shalom Meir Tower, creating a context in which the one side is characterised by the looming height of the tower and the other, by an incredibly dense urban fabric of streets and buildings.
As such, it was decided to make the main elevation the symbol of the modern, innovative nature of the building. Horizontal slats made of clouded glass cover all four façades, creating an iridescent combination of structures and colours, as well as adding a sense of lightness and movement to the screening that is so needed to protect the building and the offices. The lobby rises the full 11 storeys of the structure, allowing a view of the corridors and railings leading to the offices. The use of glass for the façades, the railings and the three lifts in the lobby emphasise the sense of lightness and modernity that is reiterated by the giant screen on the ground floor. Thermal, acoustic and visual comfort where key criteria in designing the office spaces. Fantoni was responsible for the acoustic project.
By adopting 4akustik cladding, the soundproofing is excellent, but not at the expense of a healthy and safe office block, as confirmed by the F4 star certification (based on the Japanese JS standard). The beautiful appearance of the cladding is a design element that becomes an integral part of the setting. The Easy Access modular system was used for the ceiling. Designed by Eri Goshen (the same), the panels make any inspection work in the suspended ceiling simple as they do not have to be removed. The final touch in this elegant, functional design is the use of the characteristic Fantoni 45° angle, a distinctive symbol of the company. For this setting, the Quaranta5 worktops - with 45° angles, obviously - were adopted.

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