Abu Dhabi HQ Building
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Abu Dhabi HQ Building

Abu Dhabi HQ Building
By Redazione The Plan -
Abu Dhabi’s new urban development scheme, Al Raha Beach, stretches straight along the coast for 11 km on the route to Dubai. It is to consist of offices, hotels, shopping areas, housing and leisure facilities. On a small coastal promontory within the area the Abu Dhabi HQ Building - designed by MZ & Partners in liaison with Arup - rises like a great icon: two circular façades of curving glass, 23 floors of offices and commercial premises. The spectacular structure has some overhangs that jut by as much as 25 metres, supported by a steel lattice to a diamond pattern. Over 10,000 preassembled glazing units fill out the lattice. To fit in with the Al Raha masterplan, as well as ensuring fine sunrise and sunset views, the main façades look east and west. This orientation compounds the region’s extreme climate (daytime temperatures may reach 50°C), and called for high-performing sun-control glass. The architects opted for Euroglas insulating glass. The outer pane of Glacier 8mm, coated with Silverstar Sunstop Blue 30 T, yields as little as 18% transmittance, with reflexion properties to match. The inner pane is transparent Eurofloat 8mm, coated this time with Silverstar ENplus T which ensures appropriate thermal insulation.

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