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Zegg & Cerlati Boutique

Wood, Metal and Brass for a Luxury Boutique

Zegg & Cerlati Boutique
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Place du Casino in Monaco is a point of connection and meeting, site of famed hotels and the even more famous casino. This luxurious setting is also the scene for the new Zegg & Cerlati watch and jewelry boutique. For this shop, barth was responsible for the internal furnishings spread across two floors and relatively complex spaces, creating a real challenge to ensure the materials and details were perfectly coordinated across the entire store. Each element was overseen down to the smallest detail, from the free-standing display cases to the cladding for the walls and stairs. barth had to draw on all its knowledge to provide the ideal mix of materials and colors, using walnut, marble, glass and brass as dominant elements, with details in emerald green. The ground floor of the boutique is for watches, with two window displays looking out onto a steeply sloping street that, without great care, could have compromised the perfection of the display. To overcome this problem, while ensuring practical access from the interior, the displays had to be motorized, using leather-clad steel structures and marble pedestals to hide the motors. This ensures the display is on the perfect level when viewed from the outside, but also allows staff inside to easily access the jewelry on view. barth was behind the design, creation and prototyping of these display windows, a demanding task in which staff had to focus on each and every detail. The same approach was adopted to designing the backlit wall against which the stairs to the upper floor rise. For the latter, the chosen materials were steel, wood and brass to maintain continuity with the wooden wall cladding and the free-standing units made combining marble with steel, and walnut with leather. The upper floor has offices, a sales area for jewelry, a watch studio, a bar and conversation salon. The choice of materials for the lower floor continues on the upper floor, giving the entire emporium a unique style.

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