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Studio Alexander Fehre

Villa L
By Redazione The Plan -

Homes are always unique projects, so furniture solutions must inevitably be in tune with this individuality. Of course, homes have certain features that are common to almost every design – living rooms, kitchens, studies, bedrooms, to name a few – but these elements can then be developed in countless ways, and solutions can sometimes overlap, so that each room and space is ultimately original and different.

For the Villa L project, designed by Studio Alexander Fehre, working closely with a visionary and daring private client was a real bonus for Zitturi, a manufacturer based in South Tyrol that has steadily developed its carpentry business over the last decade, specializing in high-quality interior design.

Villa L © Philipp Kotllorz, courtesy Zitturi

Zitturi’s combination of experienced external professionals and in-house staff forges the ideal balance to offer customers bespoke solutions that give practical form to their desires. The company is also a highly professional private-sector contractor, coordinating every stage from design to turnkey production and installation. With a fearless commitment to experimentation in both design and materials, the company offers unlimited conceptual freedom for all types of environments.

The interiors of Villa L offer a tantalizing glimpse of how original, custom-made furnishing accessories can be realized through the collaborative efforts of the architect, client and carpenter. Here, an L-shaped structure placed adjacent to two partitions removes the need for masonry to define the kitchen, study, entrance, dining and living areas. On one side, there are shelves and an alcove for relaxing; on the other, a fitted wall forms part of a minimalist kitchen. The studied fusion of soft curves and the essential esthetics of the thin slats that make up the structure produce a light sculptural form touched with a hint of dynamism. Zitturi’s creation produces a fluid division of space into practical rooms that uniquely enriches and defines this domestic space.

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