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Ugolini headquarters

Essential Blinds and Volumes

Barreca & La Varra

Ugolini headquarters
By Redazione The Plan -

Based near Milan, Ugolini decided to celebrate its 75th anniversary by appointing Barreca & La Varra to design its headquarters, combining both the production and administrative sides of the business in one location.
The architectural practice was given a very specific brief in which the client emphasized the deliberate amalgamation of these two aspects in a single complex. In response, the architects designed a single entrance for all staff and created a complex in which fluidity characterizes not only the interior layout, but also the exterior view of the volume. The danger of including manufacturing in such a structure is an excessively industrial look, but this was offset primarily through the use of sweeping windows. This creates the inevitable problem of regulating light flow without disrupting the view from inside.

A problem that was solved by using Bandalux blinds and shades. For the offices, Bandalux’s Z90 external blinds were selected (with a Somfy motor) partly because the metallic slats visually merge with the material choices and design solutions used for the building envelope. The blinds cover the full size of the windows (3.60 x 2.40 m), with the lateral guides hidden behind the frames of the windows to create a seamless effect that leaves the linear development and essential feel of the elevations unbroken. The complex has three volumes with pitched roofs and plenty of surrounding plants and trees, almost replicating the feel of a home. Inside, the furnishings tend to be relatively subdued, both in the colors and material choices. In such an environment, the Polyscreen 550 White Linen sustainable fabric used for the Premium Plus roller shades (chain option) fits perfectly. These shades are relatively small and essential, adding refinement and elegance while also offering optimal sun regulation, improved thermal efficiency and the consequent employee wellness.



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