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The Lodge
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Fagagna is a small Italian village nestling between the Alps and the hills of the Quadris nature reserve. It is also home to Golf Club Udine, founded in 1970 and then extended with the construction of the Villaverde Hotel & Resort. The Lodge, designed by civil engineers from Uppercut, is the latest addition to this complex. It is actually 4 separate parallelepiped-shaped buildings that lie along a slightly staggered east-west line. The defining aspect is undoubtedly the sense the buildings are hovering above the ground. This effect comes from having two volumes on top of each other: a smaller unit at the bottom, with a larger unit above, projecting beyond. The finishings for the façades were critical as the brief clearly required an elegant contrast between the materials and colors of the two volumes. The lower unit has an ebony finish that contrasts with the warm, gilded hues above. For the upper section, the designers opted for a cladding of TECU® Gold - a special copper and aluminum alloy - from KME, a leader in the production of semi-processed copper items and copper alloys. The alloy looks very similar to brass and it is the same material used for the 10, 20 and 50 Euro cent coins. It is quite special as it oxidizes without taking on a brownish shade. Instead, in contact with the air, it quickly becomes a dark, golden yellow that is both warm and elegant. The rigorously geometric elevations are identical across all four buildings, but different on each of the four sides. For example, the upper volume is completely closed on the south side, but entirely open on the west side, with a single, large, full-height window. The TECU® Gold cladding produces constantly shifting color and light effects, as the height of the sun’s rays rise and fall during the day. The overall effect of The Lodge is to add elegance to the golf club landscape.


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