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“The Circle” Co-Working

Light Pathways Amidst Offices

Jordi Herrero Arquitectos

“The Circle” Co-Working
By Redazione The Plan -

Located in the industrial area of Polígono Son Bugadelles, near Santa Ponsa on the Spanish island of Majorca, The Circle is a new co-working building designed by Jordi Herrero Arquitectos that aims to foster synergy and collaboration among its occupants through 2,600 sq. m of freely shareable space. 
Situated on a regularly shaped 4,200 sq. m plot, the volume rises two levels above the ground and descends two levels below – for parking and storage – as well as having a partially accessible roof with some planted areas. Inside, three courtyards provide additional space for vegetation to filter the sun's rays that illuminate the 51 office modules, meeting rooms, cafeteria and other auxiliary and service spaces on the two above-ground floors. 
The use of light is not only limited to the sun, with emphasis placed on the lighting design for artificial light as well. The choice of the Alphabet of Light lighting system, designed by the international architecture studio BIG and manufactured by Artemide, allowed the free creation of a real path of light running through the building. The Artemide collection includes a limited range of basic modules: three linear, two flat curves, two vertical curves, one 90° angle and two joints, one T-shaped and one cross-shaped. Although there are these few elements, especially with the help of a special configurator, almost endless combinations are possible opening the way to create light stories that truly interact with the surrounding space. In designing The Circle, it was decided to take advantage of the ability to feed up to 10 m of the system from a single point and to create an open system in a multi-module composition. Alphabet of Light gave the architects the opportunity to explore an innovative, cross-cutting design language that is very flexible and can even be continued across different levels in the same building. 
Alphabet of Light also provides stand-alone linear, circular, square or rectangular modules, some of which were also used in The Circle's lighting design.

Via Bergamo, 18 – I – 20006 Pregnana Milanese (MI)
Tel. +39 02 93518.1
E-mail: [email protected] www.artemide.com

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