Space “Capsule” at the Enzo Ferrari Museum
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Space “Capsule” at the Enzo Ferrari Museum

Modular, Flexible, Technological

Space “Capsule” at the Enzo Ferrari Museum
By Redazione The Plan -

In recent months, the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena has been accompanied by a modular Capsule structure that is a celebration of technology, safety, security, ready-made design and zero soil-use as it doubles as a multimedia conference room to bring together Ferrari enthusiasts both online and offline. Designed to stimulate user involvement and make the visitor experience more engaging, this futuristic on demand space can seat up to a dozen people at a time.

The Capsule is the brainchild of a collaborative effort between Manni Green Tech, part of the historic Manni Group in the steel industry, the architecture firm Il Prisma and the design brand Lago, and its installation at the Ferrari Museum is the first use of the Capsule, which was conceived as a complement to existing buildings. The Museum’s decision to install a Capsule was grounded in the safety and independence of the module, combined with it being ready-made. The structure has integrated systems and a series of sensors and Internet of Things technologies that ensure proper air exchange and humidity control, while cutting down on energy use and optimizing natural light. Capsules are factory manufactured, meaning building site times are slashed to a minimum and the impact on the surrounding activities is negligent. Plus, the transformable philosophy underlying the module helps it integrate into the site, without upending it. This is a dynamic, durable and efficient system that takes the “Plug & Play” concept to an entirely new level: a building. The Capsule stimulates increased interaction with the location, transforming it into an immersive space for a true multi-sensory journey.

Winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020, Capsule was an idea that was shared from the very beginning with Il Prisma and then developed bringing in Lago for the interior. In the words of Manni Green Tech: “The shared goal was clear: to give form and technology to a 3D modular space that is comfortable, with a distinct design and to some extent customizable and transportable. Above all, it could be transformed over time into various configurations as needed”. This synergistic collaboration between the worlds of architecture, industry and interior design manifests itself in Capsule, an essential and sophisticated solution built on versatility and comfort.

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