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Sevendials private villa

Openness and safety

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Sevendials private villa
By Redazione The Plan -

Sevendials - a contemporary home in England’s famed countryside. This could be the byline for this project by theCAVE architecture + design. The sharp, linear lines rise up out of the host landscape, rejecting any form of imitation in favor of contact, dialogue and even complicity. This double-story L-shaped house has a living area that opens onto a garden embellished with oak and birch trees, with views of the surrounds. A sizeable cantilevered roof shades an extensive area from the summer sun, creating a truly pleasant extension of the house. The plentiful glazing and covered terrace, a further outdoor section of the home, are emblematic of the integration between house and landscape. The front door was a critical element in these interior-exterior dynamics as it had to provide the required security, but without compromising the sense of dialogue and openness at the heart of the design. Oikos’s response was to combine its Synua security door with a large fixed vertical window that not only alludes to the rest of the fenestration, but also floods light into the entrance without making it any less secure. The porcelain stoneware cladding, in a rusty Cor-ten look with nine horizontal sectors, gives the door a roughish look that contrasts beautifully with the house’s bright, shiny walls and windows. The band with the horizontal door handle is black, matching the profiles, while the concealed handle on the inside adds to Synua’s completely coplanar look. Since the size and finishings of Synua can be very varied, the door integrates perfectly into the design, adding rather than detracting from the architecture and the design wanted by the architects and clients.


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