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S1 apartment block

Reinterpreting tradition

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By Redazione The Plan -

Slightly to the south-west of the old heart of Parma, a northern Italian city not far from Bologna, lies an old industrial estate covering roughly 76,000 sq. m that has been revamped and regenerated to give buildings a new lease of life and create a pedestrian precinct. This exciting new development is the scene for Parmavèra, a masterplan thought up by Jo Coenen Architects and Urbanists, with Archisquare, Cino Zucchi Architetti and Carlo Quintelli. The high-quality design takes special care to seamlessly integrate everything new into the current layout, at times even redefining connections to achieve this. However, this never involves completely upheaving the geography of place, especially the ancient Roman centurion layout that characterized this area as late as the 1960s. The plan for this segment of the city envisages low-density housing, embellished with a park crisscrossed by foot and cycle-paths, small squares and quaint green areas. The S1 apartment block falls into the second building stage of the masterplan, bordering an already residential zone, directly on a street and overlooking a raised square. The condo rises six floors, with five for apartments and a communal ground floor with utilities spaces. The actual units are flexible, originally two- and three-room conceptions, but easily combinable to create more spacious homes. Each unit also comes with a storage cellar, garage and generous projecting terrace that adds space regardless of the season thanks to a permanent brickwork sunscreen that offers shade, but also equally privacy. The choice of terracotta was a deliberate nod to the Italian building tradition - and especially the local construction history of Emilia-Romagna - but used in a contemporary architectural language. SanMarco-Terreal’s Autan® XL line was selected, in ebony, to add dynamism to the otherwise geometric design of the sunscreen, contrasting with the white building behind and adding a play of shade and light as the day progresses. This specific format of Autan® - 50x50 mm section and rectified edges - is self-supporting for lengths between 500 and 1,200 mm. It comes in 12 full-bodied colors (from opal white to coffee, including beige, salmon, red and sienna) and a series of glazed options.



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