Project Point Mirage?- ?Milan, Italy?
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Project Point Mirage?- ?Milan, Italy?

Project Point Mirage?- ?Milan, Italy?
By Redazione The Plan -
Project Point Mirage, designed by Studio D’Azzo Associati and recently opened in Milan, was created because Mirage wanted to go beyond the concept of a simple showroom to produce a professional space for meeting, comparing and learning. The single-level horseshoe layout is divided into a series of spaces, but is conceived as a continually developing area. The fixed elements in the large open space are made with sheet metal with visible welding, while pairs of simple props are used to create display units and to bring definition to the space - without dividing it - to mark out meeting, working and talking areas. Mirage’s own materials, surfaces, structures and technical solutions are also on display such that one can see and look at the various options, and try out combinations of materials, surfaces and colours. The products are not presented visually, though, but behind a walls of sliding panels in two large central containers. Expert members of Mirage staff are on hand to help designers, discussing designs and problems directly. A large table offers a space to exchange thoughts, bash out ideas and test solutions, while two workstations with computers and printers mean one can move directly from an idea to the page. The final part of the open-space section is a relaxation zone, where one can continue to discuss and talk in greater comfort and informality. If one needs a more confidential space, Project Point has a meeting and presentation room complete with multimedia facilities and, since there is a catering space, quick working lunches are also an option. Project Point will play host to an interesting calendar of events, workshops and discussions in 2013. For example, the “playbill” includes a meeting on Carmelo Maugeri’s design for the new Milan court and a presentation of the new Petronas research centre by Studio 967. During Milan’s furniture week - Salone del Mobile - Mirage Project Point will host some of the side events. For details on everything that’s happening:

Via Giardini Nord, 225
I - 41026 Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)
Tel. +39 0536 29611
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