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Private Villa

Linearity and Transparency for a Home by the Lake

Studio Bazerla

Private Villa Studio Bazerla
By Redazione The Plan -

Designed by Studio Bazerla, this double-floor villa lies in the gentle hills of Bardolino, on the eastern flank of Lake Garda. The ground floor houses the living areas, with the upper floor for the bedrooms, but both levels have features that extend the house outwards. The loggia and garden on the ground floor, and the terrace and roof garden on the top floor act as continuations of the interiors, providing different spaces for enjoying the home and appreciating the lovely surrounds.

The interior extending outwards is both physical and visual, with transparency a central tenant of the entire design, taking the practical form of large, glazed areas looking out onto the landscape. The addition of aluminum brise-soleil provides very desirable protection during the summer months. In such a project, the decision to use Finstral doors and windows was critical to the design achieving its goals. The linearity, design minimalism and energy performance of Finstral’s products were fundamental not only to the appearance, but also in ensuring the architects’ achieved their targets for energy savings, environmental sustainability and efficient resource use.

The slender profiles increase the amount of natural light that can flow into the house, creating visual connections that blur the boundaries between interior and exterior.

FIN-Slide Step-line doors, Fin-Project
Nova-line windows and the Fin-Door Planar entrance were all used.

The FIN-Project system is a solution offered by Finstral that presents customers and architects with a series of aluminum doors and windows that they can then select to achieve the desired degree of customization. FIN-Project windows have an insulating PVC core profile and an external aluminum profile; internally, they can be finished using a vast array of materials, including aluminum, wood, ForRes or glass, with a range of color options.

This multitude of options really makes it possible to customize a design, adding the desired details and meeting the specific requirements of the clients, that is, the people who will ultimately live in this house and enjoy the surrounding landscape.


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