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Private house

White in harmony and purity

Private house
By Redazione The Plan -

This house is the stunning result of merging and revamping two 1970s homes. It is located on the lovely Italian island of Sardinia in Porto Cervo and the design was by the GAAP practice. The brief was for a festive, family home in which the interior extended outdoors. The crisp architectural lines flow into the luxuriant, irregular surrounding Mediterranean hills, marked by rocks poking out from green shrubbery on one side and the endless sea horizon on the other. Sintered stone slabs by Lapitec® are essential to giving the interior harmonious uniformity, while also recalling the exterior, where the same material is used for flooring and cladding. Lapitec® fitted the designers’ desire for white purity in large stone slabs that could easily be cut to obtain the required shapes. The interior and exterior flooring was done with 150x75 cm slabs, with individual pieces cut as needed to follow the curving environments and pathways. For the walls, 250 cm high slabs were selected to give the full height cladding the right feel. Bianco Crema was the chosen white hue, with a Satin finish added for the interior flooring and the facing in some bathrooms to create a warm, velvety appeal. Outside, the same basic color was used, but in the Vesuvio finish as it is more structured and so suited to walkways. The spa environment and other bathrooms play on the matching of white and warm shades of slabs in Tabacco and Sahara hues, also with a Satin finish. The uninterrupted flow of flooring from inside to out reaches right to the pool, a 230 sq.m space that combines curved lines in a geometric, rational pattern. The pool cladding and edges are also in Lapitec Bianco Crema - matching the exterior floor and walkways - to help it become a seamless addition to the house, although the infinity edge also draws the gaze on towards the sea.

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