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Managing Complexity Successfully

Private Apartment
By Redazione The Plan -

The location for this total strip out project lay between the seafront and a busy road, making it necessary to handle the disposal and supply of materials with surgical precision. The apartment in question is found in one of the most famous Monegasque residences from the 1990s, designed by Studio Valle Progettazioni, a building that opens onto the Mediterranean with extensive terraces for outdoor relaxation.

The design for this revamp was handled by Milanese Studio DC10 and the brief was to completely redo a highly exclusive apartment. The general contractor for this project was Taramelli and the company played a decisive role in numerous aspects of managing the building site and the complex bureaucracy. The plan required significant structural changes, such as cutting through the reinforced concrete slabs to fashion skylights, changing the pillar structure to make it possible to rearrange the internal space layout, and rebuilding other roof and floor sections to move the steps to the sun terrace. Inside, it is really the details that make the difference, with the decision-making processes supported by an in situ mock-up that facilitated discussions with the client and made it possible to ensure the conformity of the materials. High quality materials were chosen for the cladding and the floors - marble products processed in Italy - and the Crestron home automation system controls every aspect of the house, from the sunshades to the sound system. This focus on details, combined with ensuring the work was done successfully, is particularly important in creating a low impact building. The Taramelli team focused on maintaining the shapes, colors, transparency and reflections of the glazed walls of the entirely new façade overlooking the sea and the promenade.

The real complexity of this project is not to be found in the type of work required, but in the logistics of the building site, in complying with Monegasque law and local apartment rules, and in coordinating everything with the numerous professionals and authorities involved. Taramelli tackled these problems with its usual professionalism and expertise, drawing on its extensive experience in total strip out and fit out projects.

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