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“Plan Your Entrance Architecture” Competition

“Plan Your Entrance Architecture” Competition
By Redazione The Plan -

The “Plan Your Entrance Architecture” international competition, promoted by Oikos Venezia, drew to a close with the awards ceremony at Made Expo. The winner was Walkhome by the Giordano & Partners architecture practice in Oderzo (near Treviso in northern Italy). 

The competition was launched to stimulate architects to reassess how entrances are created, moving away from seeing them as merely transit points connecting inside and outside, to a vision in which they play a key role in making the house a welcoming space. In short, the idea was to see entrances as places to spend time. 

180 designs were submitted, but Walkhome came out tops. It was built and formed the framework for the Oikos stand at Made Expo. This dynamic space combines wooden and concrete walls that form intersecting volumes that in turn define intermediate spaces around the entrance. Materials and shapes are used to turn this space between indoors and outdoors, between the public and private spheres into a liveable area. The Synua door is an imposing feature and an integral part of the design that plays far more than a functional role. 

Walkhome was seen as a perfect interpretation of the spirit and concept Oikos sought for the competition, turning the entrance into a space in which the technical and aesthetic innovation matches the rest of the house. As such, a security door can become a central feature, no longer a symbol of separation and division, but part of a welcoming, open space. 

Oikos aims to provide designers with the tools to integrate the entrance area into a wide array of architectural settings and it does this not only through its vast range of products, but also a series of new finishes: 15 nuances for shiny mirrors, 15 opaque mirrors, 5 material finishes, 4 porcelain stoneware options as well as Row oak and steel options. Two door lines have also been added to the existing 6. Project is an internal security door for interiors in homes and hotels, while Evolution 3 TT is a security door with a heat break that makes it suitable for low energy consumption systems (e.g. CasaClima and Passive House). 


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