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Pandanus Residence, capturing views of the Brasilian coastline

Glazed façades connect the living space with the landscape and the interiors feature beach-inspired finishes, light-toned hues, and tropical plants

Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

Pandanus Residence

Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados designes Pandanus Residence, a home located in Guarapari, Brazil. Located close to the beach on a fascinating stretch of coastline, the project of Pandanus Residence was not only designed to capture views of this scenery, but also to be practical for the types of activities that go along with it. 

Thanks to the glazed façades, the living room on the ground floor is completely integrated with the external elements. There is also a balcony on the first floor that offers incredible views and functions as an intermediate space, a semi-connection zone with the landscape.

Pandanus Residence Courtesy of Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

The interior palette features beach-inspired finishes like wood paneling and slatted concrete, light-toned hues, and various tropical plants throughout the house. These gentle color choices contrast with the art and design pieces displayed in the living room.

The staircase that gives access to the upper floor is characterized by thin wooden stakes and floating concrete steps – a contrast that creates a rhythmic dialogue among those elements.

When the light enters the room via the glazed façades, it touches the staircases and creates a “carpet” that guides the visitors on the upper floor.


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Location: Guarapari, Brazil
Area: 363 m2
Architect: Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados
Design Team: Vivian Coser, Diego Pandolfi, Amanda Loss, Lina Stephany, Isabella Barbosa

All images courtesy of Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

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