The Oikos Space Project / Experimenting with Colour and Matter
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The Oikos Space Project / Experimenting with Colour and Matter

The Oikos Space Project / Experimenting with Colour and Matter
By Redazione The Plan -

To mark its 30th year Oikos looks to the future, pushing back horizons in the field of colour and matter and forging even deeper links with the world of design. The Company’s forward-looking drive is well summed up in its refurbished Oikos Spaces - places for meeting and learning, presenting matters, holding seminars and offering practical, hands-on technical courses. Whether in Gatteo Mare, Milan, Rome, Turin, Moscow or London, the new Oikos Spaces are modelled on a project by Dario Curatolo with the support of colour designer Vicky Syriopoulou, light designer Davide Groppi and expert Oikos decorators. A black wall weaves like a ribbon through the environment, creating a tactile sensory circulation path along which the visitor meets Oikos materials, colours and textures. The pathway culminates in a secluded coffer-like chamber containing the most original, experimental products. Some walls are lined with ledges or shelves; on others, splayed openings frame glimpses of the outside, directing the focus to details of the products on show. Outside the enclosed chamber, large square panels lit in different ways give the visitors a real feel for the decorative effects according to how matter and colour interact with light. The “Opero” table displays are made up of squares that can be rotated and adjusted, allowing visitors to touch and experiment colours and finishes. The reception area welcomes visitors with low tables and a variety of seating that can be moved to adapt the space to occupant needs. A large screen tells the Company’s story while its present and future are visible beyond a glazed partition that looks onto a room where expert decorators compose texture samples.
The new Oikos Spaces are open to everyone: architects, designers, dealers, decorators and private individuals. Efficient, functional and sensory, they allow everyone first hand experience of Oikos matter and colour, and their wide-ranging potential for strong emotional impact in a dialogue between light and textures that narrate environments and those who live in them.

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