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Med Store
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Located in the central Italian region of Marche, Med Store is both the name of a technology sales business and its physical premises in the industrial district of Macerata. Designed by Harcome Studio, the complex has a showroom, offices and storage space across about 900 sq. m and its creation was a central element in a local urban regeneration drive, making it a key part of the town landscape. Promo was the main contractor for the project, giving physical shape to the architectural ideas - a task that required customized design and engineering solutions, and supplying both structural components and infill materials.

The most prominent features of the design are the metal access ramp and the large, glazed roof dome, both elements that posed significant architectural, geometric, structural and construction challenges. BIM was used to ensure an integrated approach thus producing the desired shape for the formal characteristics, while resolving the plentiful geometric complexities inherent in the innovative design. For example, the two large pillars that support the access ramp were crafted to have organic shapes that clearly recall two trees by using truncated cone sections made by rolling 10 mm thick sheet metal and then welding longitudinally.

Engineering the architectural concept for these elements, using BIM, was central to achieving the desired “irregular” look, while also complying with the regulatory requirements and the structural demands of such elements. Then, to ensure the on-site installation was flawless, the pieces were first pre-assembled at the plant to make sure every item was perfectly positioned, before on-site assembly and painting. Using curved and straight sections of truss, the ramp was also clad with plasterboard on site, with the under section prepared to hold LED strip lights.

The building has a large green roof with trees that is open to the public and that is dominated by the glazed dome with a metal frame above the ramp. This structure, about 15x9 m and up to 6 m high, has a total glazed area of roughly 230 sq. m.
The double-plate metal profiles used for this structure have curved sections manufactured using laser cutting and rolling, where necessary. This was another piece that was pre-assembled at the company’s premises to ensure all the parts fitted together seamlessly. The double-glazed glass has sections that have double curves, so test samples were produced to ensure feasibility before production. The metal profiles were also created to hold integrated LED lighting for night-time illumination.

Promo also made the glass balustrades inside the building on the first floor and externally on the roof, the full-height continuous glazing in the showroom, the external metallic cladding in alucobond and expanded metal, and the internal staircase down to the basement floor. All these elements are not only linked by the common thread of minimizing costs, but also giving practical form to the dynamic, forward-looking architectural ideas in the design while never losing sight of the importance of the company’s local roots.



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