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Mater Dolorosa church

Shape and performance

Elmar Weber

Mater Dolorosa church
By Redazione The Plan -

The Mater Dolorosa church in Langenau, a small town near Ulm, was recently revamped using a design by the Elmar Weber practice. Built in 1967, the building already has a modern feel, with towering, asymmetrical lines and sharp angles. The building rises towards heaven, using combinations of sharp corners, soaring inclinations and unusual placements. The work required was both internal and external, structural and aesthetic, such that when the old roof covering was removed, it created an opportunity to give the church an attractive, elegant makeover. The steeply pitched original roof, extending for over 2,000 sq m was replaced, removing the old fiber cement slabs and installing PREFA aluminum shingles (420x240 mm), in anthracite grey, using 10 PREFA clips per square meter to fix them to the supporting frame. The result was a merger of performance and aesthetics, providing a solution that could resist the elements but exalt the shapes in a visual merger of angular surfaces. Finally, the use of technology to absorb FD.TEC frequencies ensures the cladding improves the acoustics, removing unwanted frequencies and making the bell, housed in the wooden bell-tower, lose its reverberating sound and call the faithful to mass with a clear, albeit distant, reminder.



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