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Maison Boucheron

Comfort and luxury with a familiar touch

Pierre-Yves Rochon

Maison Boucheron
By Redazione The Plan -

In 1893, Frédéric Boucheron, at the time one of the best known contemporary jewelers, having begun his business in 1858, realized Place Vendôme had enormous potential for a boutique. The importance of this choice in the success that followed in Paris should not be underestimated. Now a grand old lady at 160 and part of the Kering Group, Maison Boucheron is celebrating this wonderful anniversary by restoring its famed premises, including a complete overhaul of the furniture by well-known French interior architect Pierre-Yves Rochon. The firm has always placed a premium on aesthetic and creative freedom, and this choice is once again evident in this latest project, in which the canons of traditional design are being pushed to give the boutique the feel of a modern family home so Boucheron can, at its express desire, welcome guests as if they were friends. In such an ambitious project, it was essential to have a company like barth on board because its technological expertise and knowledge of materials meant it was ideally placed to create the necessary interior furnishings. The company certainly did not disappoint, using its experience to knowingly merge contemporary and period elements. Perhaps the stand-out features are the numerous display cases, the free-standing units and the paneling, although the fold-away bed for the guest suite should also get a mention. Focusing more on pure originality, the cage-inspired display cases, made of brass and curved glass, are another notable feature, along with the numerous table, bell and wall-mounted display cases. The revamping even extended to the tables used for sales, bringing in new options with sinuous lines that almost embrace the visitor, adding a dynamic touch to the surrounding space. The combinations of different materials - glass, brass, leather and wood - are almost like a display of barth’s own know-how and historical craft skill as they superbly, precisely and reliably convey the values of the maison. Maison Boucheron’s redone premises has the perfect space for all facets of the company, from design and production to sales, allowing customers to enjoy the comfortable and luxurious interiors, just like a family home. Once again, barth has successfully shown it is a top-notch partner for designers and clients, capable of creating spaces that truly interpret the ideas and needs in any design brief.

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