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Luna Rossa Base

A Successful Fusion of Sport and Technology

Luna Rossa Base
By Redazione The Plan -

The 36th edition of the America’s Cup presented by Prada will run from 6 to 21 March 2021 in the New Zealand city of Auckland, which was where Luna Rossa debuted way back in 2000.

Today, the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team has joined forces with Promo SpA which - in its role as official supplier - has assisted the team in finding the perfect materials and technical and structural components for the team’s base in Auckland. The building has a series offices, meeting rooms, a canteen, change rooms and relaxation spaces, with a giant screen.

The partnership between Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team and Promo SpA is an emblematic example of the close ties between the worlds of sport and technology for architecture, with both ultimately focusing on ensuring wellness in all aspects of life, work and competition.

“This is the first time the manufacturing side of Promo has flown so far from home”, explained Giuliano Procaccini, Promo SpA founder and chairman. “We have seen how much our solutions have been admired, making it possible to optimize all project stages in the creation of the structure that will house the offices and team spaces. This has been possible through a simplified construction approach that makes it easier to adapt but still do optimal work in difficult places”.

This partnership is really a merger of vision, more than a technical coming together. Over the years, Promo has developed a method called “Promo4Wellness”, which is precisely the point at which technologically advanced environments, based on steel, wood and glass structures, meet design at a human scale, guaranteeing the wellness of the people who use the spaces, regardless of whether they are for a home, an office or even a sports facility. This company philosophy, built around people and wellness, takes practical form in architectural structures that are timeless, untouched by changing styles or wear.

This approach brings challenges that Promo SpA has to face and overcome every day, just as is the case for the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team when sailing on the sea.


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