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Lost - The Garden Loft

Greenery near the Heart of the City

Botticini + Facchinelli ARW

Lost - The Garden Loft
By Redazione The Plan -

The northern outskirts of Milan are a hive of regeneration and urban transformation projects, creating an ideal backdrop for “Lost - The garden loft”, a project from the Botticni + Facchinelli ARW practice to turn an old post-war industrial building into a residential complex. Commissioned by IBF - Italian Building Factory, which also oversaw the technical coordination and operational management, the actual building work was entrusted to Ediltecno Restauri.

The plot is a rectangular piece of land nestling between two quiet side streets, and the long, original three industrial buildings now house 25 lofts of varying sizes (from 60 to 250 sq .m) that cater to different housing needs, but with the common thread of seeking maximum comfort and well-being for the inhabitants. Excellent energy performance is a core aspect of the project, in a design that forges close connections between the interior spaces and the outdoor greenery of the shared gardens, the private gardens and the patios adjoining the units.

Extensive glazing provides visual continuity between indoors and outdoors, allowing natural light into the apartments and lighting up the double-height, open-plan spaces that exalt the original industrial structure.

The plentiful glazing gains architectural rhythm through the regularly spaced metal profiles, and to avoid excessive sunlight and provide privacy when needed, Bandalux B-Box100 aluminum roller shades were installed, with stainless steel guide cables. Soltis Perform 92 micro-perforated fabric was used on the external windows because of its excellent thermal insulation, while the Trend Light black-out fabric was chosen for the windows on the internal patios - adjoining the bedrooms - to block out the light completely and offer real privacy if required.

The careful choice of colors and materials was fundamental in creating quality interiors that fit seamlessly into the original building, while also adding innovative structural changes in a merger of new and old.

The tones of the solid oak parquet floors add warmth, beautifully complementing the metal details that allude to the original industrial structures.

Despite being relatively close to the heart of Milan, the outdoor space offers a refuge of greenery that embraces the entire complex, providing a tangible example of how careful and calibrated interventions in an urban fabric can truly regenerate entire areas and add considerable value to a city.

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