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Lega Cooperative Premises

Lega Cooperative Premises
By Redazione The Plan -
Palazzo Machirelli was built in the late 15th century, eventually being renamed Palazzo Dal Pozzo. During the 18th century, work was done on the building, including the addition of the grand staircase leading to the piano nobile where the ceiling is decorated with 19th-century motifs in Pompeii style. The structure was recently revamped and restored in order to preserve the building and reorganise the internal space so that Imola’s Lega Cooperative could move in. Luigi Landi’s regeneration project has created new areas for offices and display spaces for events and exhibitions. The lighting project, by Format Design Studio, was crucial as it had to take into account both the historical architecture and the need for multi-purpose lighting. The chosen lighting equipment was supplied by Lucifero’s, a company specialising in integrated lighting solutions. By ensuring it is right up to date with any advances in materials, technology and finishings, Lucifero’s is able to offer extremely flexible lighting solutions. In this case, the File 2H system was adopted, with its modular and expandable aluminium components that can be adjusted in relation to project requirements. Inside Palazzo Machirelli, 4.5 m long bars were fixed to the side walls to ensure there was no damage to the non-loading bearing frescoed vaults. File 2H has a dimmable indirect light in the upper section to bring out the full magnificence of the frescoes. In the lower section, LED projectors were chosen to provide both functional and accent lighting. The lights are located on tracks, allowing them to be moved, turned and dimmed individually in relation to any lighting needs. The corridors have the Extensor pro 1BQR track projector lights (movable and dimmable), while the entrance staircase has a wall-mounted lighting system with three movable and dimmable halogen lights combined with lovely monumental projections, by light designer Luca Iurrini, displayed on the far wall.

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