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Essential Doors and Windows

David Chipperfield

James Simon Gallery
By Redazione The Plan -

Berlin’s Museum Island, or Museumsinsel, is one of the largest art districts in the city, housing six museums on a stretch of land surrounded by water: Pergamon Museum, Bode-Museum, Old Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery and the recently completed James Simon Gallery, designed by David Chipperfield Architects. The new James Simon Gallery has become the gateway to the entire complex, a pure white structure in which the elegant and rigorous use of geometry is accentuated by the doors and windows from Secco Sistemi’s collections. The gallery is, in truth, far more than a mere display space, with a 300-seater auditorium and an area for temporary exhibitions plus a whole host of supporting facilities, such as a ticketing office, wardrobe, restrooms, cafés and even a bookstore.

The design extends the classic colonnade design of the adjacent building through a regular series of slender white columns across the façade, but does so in a clear contemporary tone.

The formal purity and essential nature of the frontage is emphasized and embellished by the minimalism of Secco Sistemi’s EBE 65 and EBE 85 doors and windows in burnished brass. The leaf and frame of these doors and windows are flush-mounted externally to further highlight the strict linearity of the façade. They also provide excellent insulation with thermal break technology in polyamide and polyurethane, materials that enable Secco Sistemi to create structurally strong profiles with reduced sections. The versatile yet essential EBE system was fundamental in providing doors and windows that fitted seamlessly into the context of the adjacent historical buildings. The pure lines and austere volumes of the James Simon Gallery have made this a new local landmark, while also providing a functional gateway that regulates visitor flows to Museum Island.


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