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Hotel VIU Milan

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Hotel VIU Milan
By Redazione The Plan -

The Hotel VIU Milan - located near the Porta Garibaldi railway station, in a part of town that is undergoing significant redevelopment - is a five-star design-led hotel created by architects Arassociati Studio and interior designer Nicola Gallizia. The hotel’s single volume fits into the city’s fabric, standing out in a differentiated manner. Wood, glass and metal characterize its façades; textures define elevations that differ depending upon their overlook: the front running along the road is clad with wooden strips that create a chequerboard effect cadenced by the window openings; on the opposite side, looking out over a new green public piazza, overhangs and recesses define a vertical rhythm for the glazed areas, reflecting the surrounding environment in the elevation. The vertical gardens at either end of the building will gradually expand over the fronts, triggering a long-distance dialogue with Boeri’s Bosco Verticale. AGC and the opportunities offered by its Coating on Demand service catered perfectly to the designers’ need to achieve the performances required by the glazed façades, making it possible to personalize the glass by combining good sun control performance and selectivity with a high degree of light reflection. The properties of the glass give the building its hallmark mirror effect, preserving the privacy of guests while at the same time preventing reflections from forming inside the building around sunset. AGC’s Coating on Demand service combines innovation with design freedom, offering an opportunity to customize glass in terms of color, energy efficiency, light selectivity and reflection. Coatings are applied onto the surface of the glass through incredibly thin layers of metal and metal oxide, altering the end product’s spectrophotometric and aesthetic properties. AGC’s Coating on Demand service applies its self-coating process at the Plattling factory in Germany to already formed glass cut into panels. Designers consequently have a chance to choose their glass, specify its characteristics and have demo samples made up after running a simulation on realistic renderings of the building. With its Coating on Demand service, AGC has expanded its already wide range of services for glass-based design, adding to its calculation of thickness, composition determination based on loads and applications, thermal shock risk valuation, and estimates of how soundproofed glazing is, confirming the validity of the company’s products and services in terms of quality, leading-edge technology, and its research and innovation-led approach.


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