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HQ Architects

Harugei Malchut
By HQ Architects -

Harugei Malchut is an innovative and forward-thinking residential project spearheaded and designed by leading architect firm HQ Architects, led by architect Erez Ella in collaboration with developer Yarden GIlad of Ram Aderet Group. The project will transform a nondescript building with eight units in northern Tel Aviv's affluent Ramat HaHayal neighborhood into a reimagined residential structure measuring 40 m long by 18 m wide with 21 gorgeous residences. Harugei Malchut will be designed under Israel’s innovative urban renewal policy of “Tama 38”, which allows architects to redevelop a building and add additional floors for new inhabitants, while updating existing apartments and infrastructure for longtime inhabitants. Harugei Malchut will consist of a lush residential building with open-air façades and 21 stylish apartments that host spacious balconies, along with several penthouse options varying in size, but with uniform quality and stylish design by HQ Architects. The main challenge in urban renewal projects is to keep the local community in their original building and create higher-quality apartments within the same structure. The Harugei Malchut project changed the typical Israeli typology of a multi-family building by transforming the plot through material and spatial design. The new building will be adorned in a combination of white local stone and exposed concrete, emphasizing the separation of each floor and fixing the original building’s poorly aged plastered covering. Additionally, an inner-courtyard is introduced creating an internal space for existing dwellers to come back to their local community, while introducing a variety of sized apartments above. A large opening was introduced to spatially reinforce the inner-courtyard and allow natural ventilation and light to come in. The open arrangement functions as an entrance lobby and private common space and allows two internal balconies to be created for the penthouse apartments. The property features lush vegetation with more than 25 planted trees, including Citrus trees, Olive trees, Maish trees, and Cypress trees. Harugei Malchut is part of Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s expanding city limits and infrastructure upgrades rejuvenating the municipality and neighboring towns and districts. It is located just a 10-minute drive from the urban center, in Ramat HaHayal. The Northern neighborhood is home to the research and development offices of leading global high tech firms and suburban-style residential developments. “Harugei Malchut is an innovative architectural project that gives way to the distinct natural characteristics commonplace in Tel Aviv: stunning light from both east and west; balmy weather that allows for materials and finishings to breathe; and lush Mediterranean horticulture that is both colorful and provides privacy and distinction of space”, said Erez Ella, Lead Architect and Partner at HQ Architects. “With the rapid evolution of the city’s urban periphery, Harugei Malchut is set to be a flagship project that is definitive of the zeitgeist of modern day Tel Aviv”.

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