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Glen Park Residence

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CcS Architecture

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Glen Park is a largely residential neighborhood in the south-east of San Francisco, spread over a delightful hilly area that mixes natural areas, shopping zones and enviable views. Glen Park Residence is a home designed for a young entrepreneur by Cass Calder Smith’s CCS Architecture, with consultancy by creative director Akemi Tamaribuchi of Subject to Change. Planned to optimize this highly desirable location, the building has three floors: the first has an entrance that invites you in, with a wooden staircase leading up to the next floor, home to the guest room and media lounge; the second floor has a study, music room, and master suite with bathroom; the top floor houses the kitchen and main living room. Each space is characterized by specific color and furnishing decisions, overseen by the creative director who worked closely with the enthusiastic owner. A degree of unity is added by the combinations of flooring and cladding in pale colors that contrast with the brighter hues of the furniture, artworks and design elements. The outside is far more iconic, using Cypress wooden sidings treated using a Japanese method called Shou Sugi Ban, in which charring gives the wood a stable, dark finish. The exteriors are also true extensions of the interior spaces. The use of terraces not only mimics the structure of the house, but also works with the hedges and glass partitions to divide the space into distinct areas, creating zones more for relaxing and others more for entertaining. The point of connection between the inside and outside is played by Oikos’s Synua security door, which has a pivot opening system and closes flush to the walls. These doors provide class 3 break-in protection, and excellent fire safety, sound insulation and protection from the elements. For this house, a shiny red color was chosen for both panels, contrasting with the prevailing white in the entrance and the dark wood of the exterior. Internally, the door is framed by an aluminum profile and has an integrated door handle in which the predominant sense is of essential lines. Externally, the door has a horizontal steel handle that is controlled using a numeric keypad. The Synua Wall System also creates an antechamber that provides suggestive allusions to the atmosphere inside, using partition walls with the same finish as the door to play with colors and contrasts.


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