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The Garofoli Group, a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of doors and coordinated furnishings, is getting ready to celebrate fifty years in business. The family-run company has come a long way since 1968, when it first started making wooden frames and doors for the furniture industry. In the 1980s, the company focused its core business on manufacturing solid wooden doors. In the new century, it has added laminate, aluminum and glass doors, and more recently panelling, REI doors, parquet and - since 2014 - armoured doors.  This comprehensive range is today guaranteed by two companies, Garofoli and Gidea (founded in 2002), with the support of leading-edge manufacturing technologies and never-ending research and experimentation into techniques and materials. Our entire production cycle is based on environmentally-aware choices made to minimize impact: our raw materials come from suppliers who have signed up to planned reforestation programs; the paints we use are completely non-toxic; and processing sub-products are recycled to reduce waste material as far as possible. Research into aesthetics and design are an additional guarantee for the quality of our products, with a focus that goes all the way down to the tiniest of details. For the Garofoli Group, this fiftieth anniversary is not only a major achievement, it is a stimulus and a new starting point. Indeed, we are expanding our company home in Castelfidardo, in the Province of Ancona. Designed by architect Enzo Eusebi, our new headquarters will be inaugurated in 2018, to mark our commemorative year. The architectural design of the building was conceived as a combined expression of nature and artifice, bringing together the two sides of Garofoli’s approach: working sustainably with wood as our favoured material, and our reliance on product innovation through ongoing technical research. The new headquarters will fulfil a number of functions, offering a large dedicated showroom area, managerial offices, and specially-designed spaces for training courses at the Garofoli Excellence Academy, where the company completes and enhances its tried-and-tested training program. The Academy offers refresher courses to resellers, classroom and video-based training programs for layers, and, for industry professionals, seminars on the latest trends in the retail and contract industries, for which the company has developed prestige projects with partners such as Alitalia, Fondazione Prada and Phillip Morris.


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