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Fendi Factory

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Piuarch | Fendi Architecture Department

Fendi Factory
By Redazione The Plan -

Located on an eight-hectare site in Bagno a Ripoli, the new Fendi Factory combines a horizontal layout, in which glass and concrete are the predominant materials, with dense vegetation on the roof. Once the site of a brick and tile factory, the old building was demolished to make way for a project that skillfully blends architecture and landscaping to create a comfortable, sustainable work environment where employees can enjoy the views and walks through the expansive surroundings.

The construction work was carried out by Raggi Costruzioni e Restauri, based on an architectural concept by Piuarch and MarsigliLab for the landscaping, with a number of revisions needed before the final design was accepted, as the company also had some specific corporate requirements.

The success of the project, both in the preliminary stages, but also the impeccable final result, can be traced back to the active collaboration between Fendi’s Architecture Department, together with the other entities involved – GPA Partners for general construction management, Ramtech Engineering for plant construction management and the working drawings of the same, MarsigliLab for the green areas and FGB Studio for LEED consulting. The resulting synergy between the designers and the specialists in various fields was crucial in achieving the desired energy efficiency and comfort for the building, which houses manufacturing and office space, as well as an automated warehouse and canteen that are housed in volumes that rise above the other structures. Sunlight was also a key consideration in the design, as the façade was not conceived as an interruption between outside and inside, but as an element in the visual continuity of the space, allowing those inside to look out onto the pleasant surrounding greenery.

With a surface area of about 3,000 sq. m, the elevations are characterized by pigmented concrete and large windows, selected and made by 3Emmegi. The slim profiles of the Schüco FWS 35 PD.HI Panorama façade meet the requirements of a minimalist, streamlined, almost invisible esthetic. Natural light enters from the outside through the glazing, nine interior courtyards and three patios located along the perimeter, without directly illuminating the interior, thanks to a careful study of the building’s geometry and the attentive use of overhangs. The latter were made of colored concrete structural elements, whose function is also to contain the vegetation on the roof.

Achieving thermal transmittance values of 1.10 W/m²K and sound insulation values of 45 dB on all surfaces, the façade guarantees excellent technical performance and so played a key role in achieving LEED Platinum certification for the Fendi Factory.

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