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Fantoni Showroom

Fantoni Showroom
By Redazione The Plan -
The new Fantoni showroom is in a wonderful old building on Rome’s Piazzale delle Belle Arti. Fantoni has long had a presence in Rome through MCI Consulting, a company in the Fantoni Group that provides architects not only with a reliable partner, but also a place for designing and discovering innovative solutions for their projects. The showroom on Piazzale delle Belle Arti was redone by Marco Viola using a design built around light and the contrast between black and white, without drawing on the external facade. The interior space is 4m high, but the entrance doors are only 2m, leading to the decision to divide the room horizontally, making the upper part totally black and the lower section completely white. The resultant graphic effect was then enhanced through the careful placement by Osram of LED lighting that ensures the black is never directly lit, making it almost disappear from the upper section, while the white areas are illuminated to optimise the working spaces. The design also successfully sought a balance between the dual use as a showroom and a working space. The concept underscoring the internal layout is to develop spaces that are a tangible example of a theoretical refurbishment, meaning each work station, managerial office or meeting room becomes both a work space and showroom that forms part of the greater design in which each element actually portrays the key parts of Fantoni’s Natural Office - design, acoustics, lighting and comfortable temperature />
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