Facciata del terminal Bruxelles-National
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Facciata del terminal Bruxelles-National

Facciata del terminal Bruxelles-National
By Redazione The Plan -
The management office building at the Brussels National terminal is a work of renovation by architects Storme - Van Ranst. Its revamped façade welcomes passengers approaching from the road side with a play of coloured lights. It also stands in full view of the runway as they land or take off. The vertical-band animation of this multi-coloured design is the result of close collaboration by the architects and the engineer team at AGC. It employs 28 insulating panes from AGC’s electro-luminescent Glassiled RGB series. These glass panes have LED lighting incorporated in them providing all the colours needed for a programmed or random animation display. Glassiled RGB is mainly intended for aesthetic effect, but it can also serve a technical purpose if mounted on insulating solar-control glass or high thermal insulation and noise abatement glazing. To suit the needs of an airport - sound, safety, thermal control - Glassiled glass (which is itself already stratified) was mounted on the highly thermal-insulating Planibel TopN+.
An insulating glass plus Glassiled RGB inside a metal frame is installed just like normal insulating glass. Façade manufacturers can thus make use of it in the ordinary run of business.
AGC does also provide technical support for those implementing a project, especially as regards electrical connections and circuitry.

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