Exhibition Hall - Made Expo 2013
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Exhibition Hall - Made Expo 2013

Exhibition Hall - Made Expo 2013
By Redazione The Plan -
Oikos is committed to responsible manufacturing, where research, innovation and sustainability are in harmony. This is clear both from its new products and materials - produced in a process without energy loss and based on the reuse of any waste from processing - and how it promotes collaboration with other Italian companies in an effort to a build a network capable of supporting and promoting the unique nature and quality of local products and professional skills. This was the paradigm that led Oikos to take part in MADE Expo 2013, providing made-to-measure decorative solutions for a number of companies.
For example, Listone Giordano was at MADE with a 200 sq m stand designed by Daniele Lago that presented four different living areas - living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom - that people could literally walk through, exploring the materials, colours and juxtaposition of shapes and surfaces.
Flooring, cladding and furnishings were not created as individual items, but as communicating elements that blend together and go beyond traditional boundaries. The wood of the floors is picked in the surfaces of some of the furniture, like the worktop, the benches or the bathroom sink. In the bedroom, the same material is found on the walls, interacting with the other surfaces and colours, and creating interplay with the shapes of the furniture. The colours of the wall and ceiling cladding envelop the room, define the boundaries and then overcome the traditional limits by becoming part of the hanging furniture. This project is emblematic of the company’s innate sense of collaboration with other firms, but it also reflects the designer’s idea of creating spaces in which the dominant elements have disappeared to be replaced by a harmonious co-existence of items.
As such, colour moves from being a simple decoration to a constituent and substantive part of the design that helps define the room. Of course, this in itself is based on the notion of real synergy between the various companies involved and the designers.

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