Equmenia Church: a modern timber church
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Equmenia Church: a modern timber church

Kaminsky architecture

Equmenia Church: a modern timber church
By Redazione The Plan -

This church created a new community space for the people of Floda, right near the Swedish town’s square. Kaminsky Arkitektur has designed a modern church that makes well-lit spaces and an inviting atmosphere the cornerstones of its compositional unity. Seating up to three hundred, the structure can also be used as a conference facility as needed.

The studio also designed the adjoining Garveriet, a mixed-use building that includes a restaurant, and, in collaboration with MARELD Landskapsarkitekter, the area around the church with its flower beds and playgrounds.

“Wood was central to every aspect of this project,” says Joakim Kaminsky, architect with Kaminsky Arkitektur. “Externally, the different dimensions of the façade define the dimensions of the building, while inside, wood contributes to the good acoustics while creating a warm atmosphere.”

Wood has produced a healthy, comfortable indoor climate, while also being a sustainable choice with its low carbon footprint. Plywood predominates inside, creating an elegant but simple space. The use of plywood also contributed to the church’s role of bringing people together, with the churchgoers themselves constructing many sections of the interior.

A lot of the furniture was made from recycled materials to create a circular economy. Architect Andreas Sture designed most of the furniture inside the church, including the baptismal fonts, chairs, fixtures, and lighting.

Location: Floda,Sweden
Architect: Kaminsky architecture
Landscape Architect: MARELD Landskapsarkitekter
Designer: Andreas Sture
Photography by © Jan Tove, James Silverman
courtesy of Kaminsky architecture

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