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Diesel Headquarter

Diesel Headquarter
By Redazione The Plan -

The new headquarters of Italian fashion company Diesel rises on a brown site in the northern Italian town of Breganze. Designed by the Ricatti architect practice, the complex forms an urban microcosm. An articulated geometry of alternating solids and voids, open spaces and built volumes, it blends effortlessly into its natural surrounds. The complex comprises five volumes, each with a different function: offices; warehouses and museum; auditorium; nursery; and technical plant and security.
A pleasing mix of residential and high-tech design, this new landmark building projects a sense of assured transparency.
A south-north access road divides the plot into two functional areas: warehouses and aprons to the west, and offices to the east. Two overhead passages linking the offices on the second and third levels cantilever over part of the warehouses. The building envelopes play a major role. The latest generation façades were designed and installed thanks to close collaboration between Schüco and AVZ, a joint venture between Vega Systems and Aghito Zambonini, created especially for this project. The innovative solutions adopted combine architectural transparency with notable energy savings.
The choice of glass and copper practically throughout is a major unifying element. The different surface finishes signpost the different functions within the complex. The warehouse is clad in fibre cement to contrast with the neutral coloured thermoplastic surface of the museum.
Most of the façades combine glazing infills on Schüco structural supports overlaid by horizontal slats of seamed Kme Tecu copper. Different slat heights together with a varied geometry of recesses and projections give the complex a sense of lightness and movement.
The copper cladding on the external frontage gives way to flush or projecting oak panel sun-shading on the surfaces of the inner courts and nursery garden. Extensive greenery and reflective pools create pleasant environments that help blend the architecture with its natural surrounds.


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