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DialogaRe New Living Styles

a dialogue between matteo cabassi and giampiero peia

DialogaRe New Living Styles
By Redazione The Plan -

DialogaRE - New living styles continues with its program after a successful first year. Conceived by THE PLAN for architects and investors, the cycle of meetings continues to support and foster dialogue between design and business. At MCD's functional space in the heart of Milan, in the design district dedicated to Real Estate, leading lights from the worlds of architecture, design and real estate welcome a high-profile professional audience to this forum for dialogue and exchange. Thanks to contributions from venture partners Ernestomeda, Fontanot, Cesana, Lema, Lualdi, BTicino, Florim, Gessi, Flos, Listone Giordano and Resstende, this time round the event delves into the realm of home design and construction, exploring changes to lifestyle and their consequences on building, and relations between society, culture and planning. The Thursday October 18 meeting featured Matteo Cabassi, CEO of Brioschi Sviluppo Immobiliare, and Giampiero Peia, the architect founder of Peia Associati. After a welcome address from Lorenzo Pascucci, General Manager of Milan Contract District, Nicola Leonardi, publisher of THE PLAN, chaired the debate and guests. Mr. Peia talked about the relationship between the collectivity and private individuals, and how this relationship may be mediated and channeled through design. The architect’s vision focused on the need to include and consider needs of a collective nature when it comes to private approaches to the consumption of space. In his analysis of cities’ evolution, urban space density and verticality, Giampiero Peia explored the need to foster interaction between the public and private spheres, as well as examining the relationship between inside and outside. Matteo Cabassi shared Mr. Peia’s vision, adding that the integration of different functions within buildings was the way forward for enhancing peoples’ quality of life. The correct functional mix and excellence in services was the concrete and valid solution for raising residential standards. The tertiary sector was itself going through a period of conceptual - and consequentially spatial - restructuring, with offices being supplemented by ad hoc space for exchange and informal meetings as a proven way of increasing corporate efficiency and productivity. The Brioschi Sviluppo Immobiliare CEO acknowledged that this trend was part of a broader trend in town planning, as typical ’60s and ’70s-inspired models of large specialized zones were being supplanted by an integration of multiple activities and functions.


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