Deconstructed House: an art gallery and home in Linz
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Deconstructed House: an art collector’s home and gallery in the hilly outskirts of Linz

Minimalist design permeates this structure with a perforated steel façade, a reference to the Austrian city’s iron and steel past

INNOCAD architecture

Deconstructed House: an art gallery and home in Linz
By Redazione The Plan -

Deconstructed House is a newly built private residence designed by INNOCAD Architecture in the hilly outskirts of Linz, Austria. Designed for an eclectic entrepreneur and art collector, the structure comprises different sections on different levels that deconstruct and recompose themselves to follow the gentle slope of the site. The result is a geometric design in which the sections of an existing building have been integrated with the new construction, establishing a continuum between past and present. This continuum can also be seen in the materials. In fact, the decision to cover the exterior with a perforated steel façade was far from random, with the architects setting out to create a reference to Linz’s past as the “iron capital” of Austria.

Out of respect for the setting, with abundant centuries-old trees and the existing building, some stone walls and a vaulted basement have been retained, with the new volumes expanding outwards from them. The different sections of the home follow the gentle slope of the land, with one oriented vertically, one horizontally, and a floating section. Together, they form a triad that establishes a dialogue between the building and the surrounding natural setting and neighborhood. The main entrance is in the vertical section from the highest part of the slope. Also located here are the guest rooms and a garage, which are connected to the outside by a staircase that descends directly into the garden. Between the upper and lower sections, there is an intermediate space that’s a hybrid of indoor and outdoor areas. The two volumes are therefore connected at ground level but also by a raised walkway that leads to a rooftop terrace. The third and final part of the property is the cantilevered swimming pool, which extends outwards towards the views and the city.

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Materials creating continuity between past and present

Deconstructed House, Innocad ©Paul Ott, courtesy of Innocad

The different sections of the structure are brought together by the perforated steel envelope, which has been left to rust naturally to create a uniform, chromatically iridescent texture. This artificial material then combines well with the use of treated timber.

The interiors have been designed to accommodate the client’s large art collection. In fact, walking from one room to the next gives you the impression of visiting an art gallery. High ceilings, skylights that naturally illuminate the different spaces, and floor-to-ceiling glazing that brings the outdoor greenery inside are all key elements. Even the palette of earthy, material colors chosen for the furnishings is essential and minimalist.

In its simplicity, Deconstructed House is all of this: a harmonious residence with its roots both in history and its local setting. At the same time, it’s a design that’s open to the future, bringing a touch of modernity to the hilly outskirts of Linz as a hybrid home and art gallery.



Location: Linz, Austria
Architects: INNOCAD Architecture
Client: Private
Area: 330 m2
Completion: 6/2022
Photography by Paul Ott, courtesy of INNOCAD Architecture

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