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Corso Trento e Trieste

Giving Tradition Material Form

Studio RicciSpaini Architetti Associati

By Redazione The Plan -

Lanciano is the major town in the Sangro valley in the central Italian province of Chieti, in the Abruzzo region. A recent urban renewal project emphasized making the town more citizen friendly and providing new spaces for community congregation. At the heart of this upgrade was redoing the paving on Corso Trento e Trieste, a street imbued with history originally planned by famed local architect Filippo Sargiacomo that links the newer part of the town, near the old racetrack, with the true historical heart around the Sanctuary of the Eucharist Miracle.

The decision to redo the street paving was the combined effort of the local municipality, the RicciSpaini Architetti Associati practice, which has long made sustainability a defining feature of its work, and the architecture department at the University of Rome. The basic idea of this project was to return a sense of historical personality to this key part of town by restoring some of the decorative motifs in traditional Abruzzo style that were once the backdrop against which daily life played out in the town.

Marazzi was involved in this ambitious effort to translate into material form the complex lines of the Presentosa, a traditional item of jewelry in the Abruzzo region. The paving forms one extensive geometric pattern that covers the entire street. It was made using Marazzi’s innovative SistemN porcelain slabs (20 mm, double load) in the Sand and Graphite shade, which were then cut to the architects’ instructions. SistemN is a truly cutting-edge porcelain tile that offers extensive room for customization and personalized cutting. For designers, this translates into the ability to choose from a wide range of elegant colors, without having to compromise on technical performance. SistemN is ideal for indoor or outdoor floors, but it also comes in options for wall cladding in both indoor and outdoor environments for private homes or commercial buildings.


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