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Cattelan Italia Showroom

Architecture as a Brand Image

Cattelan Italia Showroom
By Redazione The Plan -

Revamping a building owned by one of the leading contemporary design brands is a definite technical and stylistic challenge, but it also offers an opportunity as working on the envelope means becoming part of the conversation between the company and the customer – that first expression of content. This was the challenge and opportunity Elysium tackled when upgrading the esthetics and functionality of the roof and façade of Cattelan Italia’s showroom in Costabissara, on the outskirts of the northern Italian city of Vicenza. The result is further proof the company has a keen eye for creating a building envelope with the same craftsmanship as a tailor making a precious garment.

Showroom Cattelan Italia Courtesy Elysium/Imago Magica

The original building design dates back to 1967, when it was designed by architect Franco Papesso. The entire complex extends over about 5,000 sq. m, with about 4,000 of this covered and divided into 400 sq. m blocks. At the time, this was an innovative design, conceived as a series of open spaces centered on inner courtyards adorned with green areas.

Given the minimal slope of the roof, the upgrade had to improve how rainwater drained off the roof towards the edges of the building, after which Elysium Plus© 574 metal panels were installed. The panels have a special double-seal joint system in which a continuous sealing bead is inserted into the panel during profiling to ensure a waterproof seal that is resistant to all weather conditions. The panels are fastened without the need for any drilling, by using stainless steel metal brackets that are fixed to the substructure with self-piercing screws. Elysium’s mobile panel profiling machine, which can be raised to the required roof height, makes it possible to produce panels up to 63-m long directly on the construction site. Such lengths meant the entire pitch could be covered, producing a seamless roof covering. In this case, the system was also supplemented with Elydual anti-noise and anti-condensation coating to improve sound insulation and reduce dampness.

Showroom Cattelan Italia Courtesy Elysium/Imago Magica

The work on the roof brought it into line with the latest fire-safety standards because of the non-combustible nature of the materials used. At the same time, the skylights were upgraded, replacing the thermoformed honeycomb polycarbonate domes, installing new insulated bases and adding sheet metalwork.

On the elevations, the former architect used a modular system as the load-bearing structure for the roof, with a molded, precast concrete beam, to add a sense of harmony to the façade. During the upgrade, it was decided to exalt this feature by placing insulated perimeter sandwich panels with micro-ribs so it was possible to double the height of the beam and balance the volumes.

To breathe new life into this building, it was necessary to add both weight and lightness, dark and light, while enhancing the natural environment and carefully choosing materials by focusing on renewable sources. The result: respecting the past, but glimpsing the future.

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