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Casa al Portonaccio

Emotions Driven by Matter and Lightness

Casa al Portonaccio
By Redazione The Plan -

In the countryside near Rome, the na3-studio architectural practice has created a duplex apartment inside a new building on the site of a former ice processing plant. In this environment, thanks to its minimal design and versatility, Essential by Scrigno solutions provide elegant notes that fit harmoniously into the architecture. Essential lines and elegance are the hallmarks of this work, which leverages material-based contrasts in a fluid and dynamic articulation of a living space designed for a young client. The design concept revolves around the insertion of a continuous fitted partition in highly materic naked iron and wood, organizing, subdividing and at the same time uniting and harmonizing the different areas, while offering different possible configurations of space and indeed an ever-changing perception of that space. Essential by Scrigno solutions are integrated into the spatial layout, where they continue the interplay of mimesis and contrast. The leitmotiv of iron and wood continues throughout the rooms and in their detailed design, contrasting with the white walls and reflective surfaces, removing certainty from the viewer while at the same time offering a multiplicity of visual angles and a dilated view of the access pathways. In the main bedroom, the central wardrobe is the cardinal element, dividing and organizing the space while providing shelter for the more intimate part of the room. The white wood version of Essential Scorrevole fits perfectly into the end wall of the same color, where it integrates into the architecture, offering a discrete and almost imperceptible presence while helping to highlight the nuanced design approach. In the bathroom, a glass Essential Scorrevole solution is an impalpable presence, its transparency interpreting the concept that inspired the design, highlighting the dialectical relationship between volumes and materials. Along with the glass-walled shower cubicle, it acts both as an element that divides up the space into smaller, more reserved zones, while at the same time allowing the gaze to take in the entire bathroom environment in a single sweep.


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