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Brucoli Lighthouse

Doors and Windows that Interpret Time

Itinera Studio Associato

By Redazione The Plan -

Since 1911, the lighthouse looking out across the sea has marked the southern entrance to the old fishing town of Brucoli, in the province of Siracusa, in eastern Sicily. The usage rights for the lighthouse are held, on a 50-year license, by Azzurra Capital, which advocated for and invested in an ambitious restoration project that has turned the Brucoli lighthouse into “lighthouse accommodation”. Itinera Studio Associato were appointed to handle the building work. The initial phase involved detailed analysis of the building’s history and original structure, leading to extensive work to shore up the masonry structure using fiberglass mesh and lime-based structural plaster. The interior was given a far more guest-friendly overhaul, with a kitchen and eating area added to the ground floor, near the living space, and three bedrooms were created on the floor above. The flat roof was cleverly exploited to extend the original walkway into a spacious terrace on which the actual light, which still works, lights up the night-time hours of guests.

Turning such a historical building into lighthouse accommodation was predicated on respecting the surrounding landscape and environment, and maintaining the essence of the structure.

The doors and windows were redone using profiles from Secco Sistemi’s OS2 series, in a natural brass finish, partly because this is one of the most resistant materials for a salty seaside setting.

The OS2 series of thermal break profiles -
over 40 in this case - is extremely thin, maximizing the amount of light allowed in through the glass. They also come in a range of materials: from galvanized steel to stainless steel, Corten to brass. Such a variety offers enormous room to personalize the design choices so they precisely match requirements.

The OS2 system is the result of merging technological innovation with craft attention to detail.

The versatility of this series, the lightness of the frames and the optimal transparency of the glass were key factors in it being awarded the 2019 Compasso d’Oro, the oldest industrial design award in the world.


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