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Sänitar Heinze Headquarters

Pichler Architects

Sänitar Heinze Headquarters
By Redazione The Plan -

The headquarters of Sanitär Heinze is in the industrial district of the town of Ora in the northern Italian region of South Tyrol, slightly south of Bolzano. It is a new build designed by Pichler Architects, having been constructed on the site of an existing structure that was completely demolished.

The creation of this new complex was a deliberate step by the company to play a more important role in northern Italy. The site is effectively divided into two sections: the main area, spread across two levels, houses offices, conference rooms, a showroom and even an outlet; the side wing is home to the logistics warehouse, which is a mezzanine structure created using corrugated panels and cast concrete.

Using the structural project, experts from Pichler Projects used BIM to engineer all of the load-bearing structures. The building is compact and modular, with the building frame built on a reinforced concrete foundation, with the metalwork left visible along with the various installations and painted black in the main building.

The entire multifunctional complex is characterized by tubular columns, bracing and composite beams. In total, such features contain 375 tons of steel and were designed and manufactured by Pichler Projects using a modular approach and precise 3D modelling.

Digital modelling was also the basis for analyzing the drywall constructions, such as the internal partition walls and the external building envelope. For the latter, the combination of horizontal bands made of black sandwich panels and windows made of multi-layer acrylic glass visually emphasize the projection of the upper level. This structure reaches out above the entrance, creating a covered access area and a very distinct look for the new premises. The 3D modelling was essential in producing the perfect geometrical shaping, the construction details, the installation drawings and the assembly sequencing for each part.

This brought significant time and cost savings across the project. The top of the building is a flat roof structure, which was also designed and created by Pichler Projects, and houses a photovoltaic system where the panels are cleverly sloped to visually conceal them from the ground.



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